Consciously Abundant Mindset Programme

The Complete Proven Step-by-Step Process
to FINALLY Clear your Energy Blocks, Shift your Mindset
and Create the Life of Happiness and Abundance
that you REALLY want and that you Deserve.

In this Programme you will learn to master:

The 7 Key Ingredients that you must have to Consciously 
Create the Life you Really Want


  • 01.

    Right Mindset. Re-wire Neural Pathways


  • 02.

    Release Sabotage.  Shift to Positive


  • 03.

    Clear Energy Blocks and Limiting Beliefs


  • 04.

    Conscious Awareness - we create our own reality


  • 05.

    Focus and Vision.  Living it.  Feeling it into existence


  • 06.

    Quantum Alignment to Infinite Potential

  • 07.

    Change yourself to become the person you want to be


Do you ever get the feeling you’re not earning and achieving at your highest potential – but you don’t know exactly what’s holding you back, or how to clear it?

Do you believe that the Universe will provide for you and yet there you are...  stuck, waiting for it to deliver but it's just not showing up?

Or perhaps you feel that your life needs a complete overhaul
on many levels? 

You're stuck but you don't know why or how to even begin to fix it.


The Consciously Abundant Mindset Programme takes you on a journey deep into your subconscious mind – where you’ll uncover the limiting beliefs and negative mindset that continually holds you stuck and silently sabotages your ability to create the happy and abundant life that you really want.

Whether you want abundance in the form of more money, more clients, improved health, increased creative skills or better relationships,
it all comes down to mindset which is one of the key ingredients
missing in many spiritual and new age teachings.

It might sound hard to believe but your own negative mindset
and limiting beliefs are what's holding you back from everything
you want in life - Abundance is our Universal Birthright. 
Luck doesn't come into it...  
If we don't have Abundance in our life,
it's because we are not Consciously creating it.

In this Programme, I'll teach you have to identify your negative beliefs 
and completely transform them to a positive vibration. 
When we raise our vibration we empower ourselves to become the Conscious Creators we were always meant to be. 


I'll show you how to use your mind Consciously to vision, create and manifest what you want in life.

Past emotional pain and hurt can also block our flow of Abundance so I'll teach you how to find and clear the energy blocks in your body as well as how to hear and understand the lessons that need to be learned so that you can truly move forwards with your life.



This Online Course is a transformational abundance mindset training programme for spiritual women (however men are welcome too!)

By the end of this programme you will know how to identify and release limiting beliefs, recognise and crush self sabotaging behaviours, value your worth, earn your worth and be ready to create the abundant life that you really want.

It is comprised of an intensive six-week online course plus six live weekly online group coaching sessions with me, plus lifetime access to a exclusive FB group for members of this course only, in which I am available for ongoing support and to answer all your questions.

It’s all online – so you can study and complete the processes in your own time (and time zone) - and there are videos, audios and pdfs to download and work with.

You will get meditation processes, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions and Quantum Field visioning processes.  I'll also offer personal help with the energy work through guided processes via the group coaching classes.

For the first time ever I am offering the opportunity to work online with me personally and a small group of women who, just like you want to clear their energy blocks and release past limitations so that they can create a happy, successful and abundant life.

This class is most definitely also open to men, however, as the majority of my clients are women, I primarily language my work towards women and you can expect the majority of your peers to be women also.  If you're comfortable with that - you're welcome to join us!


Karen Turpin

Karen is a Rapid Transformational Mindset Coach, a Multidimensional Hypnotherapist and Quantum Field Energy Healer.  For over 25 years she has taught meditation and all aspects of psychic development and mediumship.  She has been a Speaker at Spiritual Festivals and Events around Australia and has worked with thousands of people over a wide variety of different issues.
Her passion is to help people to let go of the past and assist them to be empowered to become who they truly are.




I chose Karen because she has amazing insight and ability to really get to the root of your problem. Her talent and ability to 'see' things on a completely different level make her an exceptional and unique therapist to work with.

AW. Hampshire, England



The best spiritual teachers and healers are the ones that not only have integrity and generosity in their business practices, but also aim to connect you with your innate spiritual strengths and guidance in an effort to foster independence and promote your own innate healing abilities. Karen exceeds the mark in all of these areas. 

Christine, NC, USA.




I have just completed a course with Karen which has been transformational, without a doubt the best investment I have ever made for myself. Working with Karen has been an amazing experience where I am finally able to see some clear direction and achieve goals.

PV. Sydney, Australia

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6 live group coaching calls with Karen 

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All videos, audios and pdfs
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6 live group coaching calls with Karen 

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Once you get inside this Course and begin working with me, if for any reason at all you feel that this is not the right place for you, then let me know and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Karen Turpin

Course Creator and Teacher

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